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Thursday, November 19, 2015

Tar b64 Copy Pasta

Lets say you might want to copy a few different files(maybe with non-matching names in a directory) from one host to another. scp might take a few commands, but if you can squeeze them all into a small tarball this trick I learned from an old mentor is pretty handy.

Compress and tarball files, and pipe the output into base64 which will get dumped to your terminal.
tar -czf - ./filesyouwant* | base64

Copy only the base64 output characters into your host's clipboard.

cat | base64 -d | tar -xzf -
Execute this command to start cat waiting for the character input. Then paste the base64 previously copied.
Once all the base64 has finished pasting, hit Enter, then Ctrl^d to release cat. The pasted base64 will get decoded and tar will decompress the binary data into files of your current working directory!

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